Case Studies

Exacq has an ideal security solution for nearly any application. Read customer examples of the exacqVision solution in each industry.


Easily deter and investigate school violence, destruction of property, and visibly demonstrate your commitment to student safety with an exacqVision video management system. exacqVision servers and software provide schools with a cost-effective way to implement security of a small elementary school or the performance needs of a large university.

Health Care

Efficiently monitor the high volume of visitors. exacqVision servers and software help secure health care providers and their state-of-the-art technology while also providing added safety for patients, staff and visitors. Hospital system adminstrators can easily administer hundreds of servers with thousands of users and grant users specific access simultaneously.


Protect employees and property and monitor contractors and visitors. exacqVision servers and software come in a variety of sizes to manage small home offices to large corporations with branch offices and factories around the world. Corporations can easily segment video access to multiple tenants.


Reduce inventory shrinkage with an exacqVision video management system. An exacqVision enables stores to improve their bottom line by easily monitoring employee activity and in-store incidents. The intuitive exacqVision client is simple enough for a local storage manager to use quickly but powerful enough for a centralized loss prevention professional to investigate with case management features.


Banks need to keep tellers and customers safe while also protecting their money and valuable assets against robberies. Financial institutions of all sizes can optimize physical security, fraud and loss management with an exacqVision server or VMS software.


Law enforcement and public safety teams need a reliable video surveillance system to address the threats and criminal actions in the community. exacqVision provides a cost-effective video security solution that meets strict government restrictions. Law enforcement officials can monitor live and recorded video from their desks or remotely in their vehicles through the free client software and Exacq mobile app.

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