Access video instantly from specific cameras and types of events even when not connected to a server. Just login online and immediately view videos sent to the cloud. 

For a lower investment, cold storage users can retrieve video from the cloud with a brief wait period. Notifications are sent when data is ready to view.

Storage plans can easily be customized to fit any business need and budget. Cloud stored video is accessible using the exacqVision Client on any device with an internet connection. Storage options consist of hot storage and cold storage and are dependent on duration and size of video.


Cloud Drive Storage


Hot Storage 

Dealers are able to manage Cloud Drive storage through a management portal to ensure their client has the features needed.

Cold Storage

Case Studies

Easily Archive and Retrieve Video

Securely Store and Search Video

Seemlessly access recorded video in the cloud using the exacqVision Client or Exacq Mobile App.  Video stored in the cloud is always encrypted so only verified users have access, and is also protected against data loss due to natural disaster, theft, and other site-specific events.

Step 1

Select Cameras

Customize your cloud storage and save money by choosing specific cameras to upload video to the cloud.

Step 2

Select Storage Plan by Camera

Choose your storage plan based on your camera's resolution and required days of cloud retention. Subscription options are specific to each camera.

Step 3

Start Recording

Once options have been selected, you can start recording and access uploaded video via the cloud.

Cloud Drive Storage Options

Utilize Cloud Drive to expand your security resources with cloud storage that provides additional protection to your assets. 

Self-Managed Subscriptions Through Cloud Dashboard

Archive video to the cloud from any NVR with an internet connection and retrieve the video instantly with hot storage, or within 24 hours using cold storage.

All exacqVision software and hardware supports Cloud Drive storage with effortless setup.

Ability to select only certain types of events, like motion events, that will backup to the cloud.