Two important factors at every school are information and safety. Students and teachers need to have access to libraries all over the world, research tools, audio/visual materials, periodicals and more. The internet is the perfect way to bring this information into the schools. Therefore, school systems have been quick to adopt IT strategies resulting in today's wired classrooms and educational facilities.

However, the learning environment needs to be safe. In fact, it should be so secure that safety isn't even on the minds of students and educators. As a result, time-lapse VCRs and computer-based DVRs that utilize video from analog surveillance cameras have been an important part of the overall security of school campuses for many years now.

Today there are thousands and thousands of educational facilities all over the world that are already wired for IT and surveillance. Additionally, IT infrastructure is always an important component of any newly built school or university building. The exacqVision video management system is geared to utilize all of these resources. While every exacqVision system takes advantage of today's high definition megapixel network surveillance cameras, our hybrid systems incorporate existing analog cameras as well.

The result is state-of-the-art surveillance, flexibility and cost efficiency. Moreover, the popularity of Macintosh computers in the classroom prompted Exacq Technologies to create a version of our client software for the Mac.

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