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exacqVision C-Series

Live Video Monitoring Stations

Take the Guesswork out of Live Video Monitoring

exacqVision C-Series monitoring stations are ideal for viewing and monitoring video via the exacqVision Client. Built to achieve specific decode and display frame rates to meet the demands of the video security industry, the C-Series takes the guesswork out of sourcing a monitoring system to support multiple video streams.

exacqVision C-Series
exacqVision C-Series Monitor View

Seamlessly Integrate with exacqVision Hardware

A seamless complement for exacqVision hardware, C-Series monitoring stations bring consistency to an existing exacqVision hardware ecosystem and are the perfect solution to accompany a new one. The C-Series is tailor-made for experiencing the powerful, intuitive features of exacqVision VMS.

Designed for Optimal Performance and Flexible Installation

The C-Series Standard, Pro, and Pro Plus are available with a Windows 10 or Ubuntu Linux 18.04 operating system. The system supports 16-32 video streams at full HD, ensuring smooth playback during live monitoring or search. Easily placed on the back of a display monitor and VESA-mountable, these machines are simple to install and perfect for environments with limited space.

Streamlined Support from a Single Vendor

Purchasing an NVR and video monitoring station from a single vendor streamlines the purchase, installation, and support experience. C-Series monitoring stations ship with a 3-year warranty that comes standard with all exacqVision hardware purchases.

exacqVision C-Series comes with a 3 year warranty
exacqVision C-Series safguard image

Safeguard Against Cyber Attacks Across Devices

exacqVision C-Series Video Monitoring Stations have been designed to be resilient against cyber-threats. Our C-Series products are gated, analyzed, tested, and required to meet or exceed the rigorous standards of the Johnson Controls Cyber Solutions Product Security Program for every consecutive release. The holistic approach to cyber protection is aimed at providing peace of mind to our customers. Our security mindset begins at initial design concept and is supported through deployment, including a rapid incident response to meet the comprehensive and evolving cybersecurity environments.

* Qualification done at a bitrate of 5Mbps per stream