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Local and national governments often have the need to deploy video surveillance in multiple locations like parks, administration buildings, correctional facilities, courts and more. A good system will provide an added security for area business and an overall improvement and sense of safety in public areas. Governments often have tight restrictions and need to make the most out of their tax-payer money. Furthermore, it's important for these multiple locations to be networked together so that they can be accessed and administrated from a single location.

The exacqVision network video management system incorporates both analog and network cameras on a single server. Multiple servers can be accessed from a single computer (running Windows, Linux or Macintosh) using the free exacqVision client software. Live video can also be accessed with an Internet web browser or any mobile device with Internet access (e.g. iPhone, BlackBerry). This allows specified law enforcement officers to view video from a remote scene while en route to a location.

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