Website Tools

Website Tools such as the configuration calculator and camera compatibility

Configuration Calculator

Use the exacqVision Configuration Calculator to quickly determine the right exacqVision server for your needs.

Camera Compatibility

Exacq video management system (VMS) software integrates with thousands of IP cameras from leading manufacturers.

OS Compatibility Check

Find out if your system is eligible for a Windows 10 Conversion.

Hardware Order Status Lookup

Lookup the status of an order.

Illustra IP Camera Finder

Find the right Illustra camera for your needs.

License Tools

License Tools to activate or retrieve your license, and more

SSA Calculator

Update to the current version to obtain all the latest exacqVision features and compatibility with the latest models of IP cameras.

License Activation

Activate you exacqVision license

License Retrieval

Retrieve your license via your server's MAC Address or Serial Number

exacqVision Advantage with Illustra Cameras

Get free licenses instantly for Illustra Pro & Flex cameras Gen3 or later!