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Software Updates

What is an SSA?

A Software Subscription Agreement enables you to install software updates after the initial purchase SSA period has ended. A SSA is not required for continued exacqVision operation.

Why do I want an SSA?

An SSA enables you to frequently increase the functionality of your VMS solution without purchasing new hardware. Update to the newest version of exacqVision to view video from the latest IP cameras, get the highest performance from your existing hardware, or add many new functions.

Here is a partial list of features added in the last 3 years of rapidly evolving exacqVision software:

  • Over 1,000 IP camera models including panoramic, high megapixel, and multi-imager
  • Analytic integrations like LPR, VCA and retail data analytics
  • Over 15 new access control system integrations
  • Multi-streaming video to optimize storage requirements, network traffic and video display
  • SpeedSearch and Thumbnail search for fast visual video searching
  • Two-way audio for real-time monitoring and interaction
  • Archiving for high reliability backup
  • Extended storage to expand your NVR's video storage capacity
  • Hardware health monitoring to maximize NVR uptime
  • Enterprise server management to easily administer hundreds or thousands of servers
  • EasyConnect to find, assign and address certain IP cameras automatically
  • VideoPush to instantly push selected cameras, layouts, tours, groups or entire views to another exacqVision client monitor
  • Enhanced client performance by leveraging hardware H.264 decoding if present
  • CameraLinks for improved response time to critical alarms and events
  • Setup indicators to guide installers through configuration changes to optimize an exacqVision installation.

Or see the complete list of updates

What type of SSA plans are available?

Update to the current version to obtain all the latest exacqVision features and compatibility with the latest models of IP cameras. Simply purchase one current version upgrade per exacqVision server.

Unlimited annual updates enable you to install all exacqVision software updates during the year(s) of update plan. Add annual updates to the end of a current version to save money while receiving access to the latest exacqVision features.

How do I purchase an SSA?

Purchasing optional extended software updates is easy:

  1. Select the ideal SSA using our SSA Calculator tool. The SSA calculator will automatically select the lowest cost plan.
  2. Send the SSA configuration page to your Exacq dealer and request a quote.
  3. Purchase the software update subscription through your Exacq dealer.
  4. Your exacqVision dealer will provide an updated server license that enables immediate software update installation.

How does exacqVision licensing work?

exacqVision requires one license file per video recorder which is unique to the MAC address of the recorder. The license describes the feature level, maximum number of cameras, and software updates purchased. A new license can be loaded to expand the number of connected cameras, enhance the feature level, or extend the period of software updates. Software installation or restarting is not required when a new license is installed.

Is there a base server fee?

No, exacqVision is licensed exclusively on a per-camera basis.

Does exacqVision client software require a license?

No. You can install an unlimited number of exacqVision client software instances. Pro and Enterprise servers can support hundreds of simultaneous clients, Start enables one simultaneous client connection.

Does Exacq mobile require a license?

No. You may install an unlimited number of Exacq Mobile applications

Does exacqVision have integration fees?

No. Most integrations to access control, intrusion, intercom, PSIM, video analytics are included with Professional, and all are included with Enterprise.

Finding the lowest cost SSA plan

The SSA calculator automatically determines the lowest cost combination of current version and annual extensions to meet your software update needs.

What is a MAC address?

A MAC address is a unique 12 character address of your recorder's network adapter formatted as AB-12-CD-34-EF-56. Many computers have multiple MAC addresses, in which case exacqVision will use the first one provided by the operating system.

Can I partially update an SSA?

Because exacqVision has one license per recorder, you must simultaneously update all camera SSAs. You cannot update SSA on a fraction of the licensed cameras.

Can I upgrade exacqVision?

Yes, you can upgrade exacqVision Start to Professional or Enterprise. Select and Elite dealers can upgrade Professional to Enterprise. Please use the SSA calculator to determine the correct per-camera upgrade part numbers.

SSA end date when adding IP cameras

All IP camera licenses come with either 90 days, 1 year or 3 years of SSA. When you add camera(s) to an existing license the recorder's SSA end date is recalculated using time weighted average of remaining SSA and camera count.

What is SSA-SYNC?

SSA-SYNC is a simple SSA purchasing unit used when simultaneously buying SSA for multiple recorders instead of ordering varying quantities of multiple current and annual version SSA part numbers.

How is SSA-SYNC calculated?

SSA-SYNC is calculated very similarly to the current and annual versions to provide the same or slightly lower cost when simultaneously extending multiple recorder's SSA.