exacqVision Keyboard

Easy-to-Use, Integrated Keyboard

Pre-Programmed for exacqVision VMS Software

  • Easy installation
  • Advanced control of video surveillance camera selection, presets and touring functions
  • Directly mapped to the common exacqVision VMS commands for quick access

Intuitive to Use

  • Enhances video monitoring and management with forward and reverse control
  • Quickly edit frame-by-frame video and manage PTZ functions


  • Ensured comfort with integrated handrest
  • High performance in critical security installations for multiple hours

High Visibility, User-Defined Buttons

  • High efficiency LED backlighting enables easy visibility of buttons in any lighting conditions
  • Define your own button actions through the exacqVision client or use default button mapping
exacqVision Surveillance Keyboard

exacqVision Surveillance Keyboard keys are mapped into the following exacqVision VMS commands
Keyboard Key exacqVision VMS Function
0 0
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
C01 PTZ Preset 1
C02 PTZ Preset 2
C03 PTZ Preset 3
C04 PTZ Preset 4
C05 PTZ Focus Far
C06 PTZ Focus Near
C07 PTZ Iris Open
C08 PTZ Iris Close
C09 View this camera only
C10 Toggle Digital PTZ
C11 Traverse the camera tree
C12 PTZ Flip 180 degrees
C13 PTZ Run Apple Peel
C15 Previous Video Panel
C16 Next Video Panel
# (pound) Enter
* (star) Find Camera
Inner Wheel/Jog Keyboard left-right arrow
Twist Joystick Zoom
Outer Wheel/Shuttle * Adjust Playback Speed
* This functionality is not available for Mac users.