Video Management System (VMS) Software

The exacqVision VMS software records surveillance video from thousands of IP camera models and displays on a free Windows, Linux or OSX client software, web browser or mobile device. The intuitive exacqVision software can be licensed for small simple installations to demanding enterprise applications using exacqVision Start, exacqVision Professional, exacqVision Enterprise or exacqVision Edge software.

exacqVision Pro VMS

Powerful, Easy-to-Use VMS Software
exacqVision Professional VMS software is a complete video surveillance solution for most applications. Record video and audio from thousands of IP camera models, or analog cameras using exacqVision recorders. Monitor live and recorded video and audio using the freely distributed client software for Windows, Linux and OSX.

exacqVision Enterprise VMS

Powerful VMS with Multi-Server Administration
Ideal for large, enterprise deployments, exacqVision Enterprise VMS software provides additional features over exacqVision Professional. exacqVision Enterprise includes active directory or LDAP integration for enterprise user management as well as the ability to simultaneously manage users, cameras or storage across multiple servers.

exacqVision Start VMS

Low Cost, Easy-to-Use VMS Software
View live and recorded video from up to 32 cameras through the simple exacqVision Start VMS client.

exacqVision Edge VMS

Full-Featured Enterprise VMS running on an Edge Device
exacqVision Edge is exacqVision VMS software that runs directly on an edge device such as an IP camera or encoder, without the cost of a traditional centralized server.

exacqVision Virtual

Virtual Appliance
exacqVision Virtual is a VMware certified virtual appliance software bundle available with exacqVision Enterprise.

Enterprise System Manager (ESM)

Maximize Uptime of your Enterprise Recorders
exacqVision ESM continuously monitors the health and status of exacqVision video recorders to maximize uptime.

Exacq Mobile & Web Service

Free Mobile Application
The exacqVision free web service, browser client software and mobile app allow you to view live and recorded video from multiple systems simultaneously. The mobile app is available for download on iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8 devices.

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

exacqVision recorders provide reliable high performance hardware with exacqVision surveillance video management software. Models are available to record up to 192 total analog and IP cameras with up to 120 TB of storage including the M-Series, LC-Series, ELP-Series, A-Series and Z-Series.

Z-Series Hybrid/IP Recorders

Connect up to 192 Cameras/Store up to 120 TB
The exacqVision Z-Series enterprise-class recorder provides the highest performance, reliability and capacity for the most demanding applications. Each server comes with pre-loaded exacqVision Professional VMS software and 8 IP camera licenses included.

A-Series Hybrid/IP Servers

Connect up to 128 Cameras/Store up to 48 TB
The exacqVision A-Series servers are scalable and provide an all-in-one video surveillance system. Each server comes with pre-loaded exacqVision Professional VMS software and up to 8 IP camera licenses included.

ELP-Series Hybrid/IP Servers

Connect up to 40 Cameras/Store up to 12 TB
The exacqVision ELP-Series is a powerful, cost-effective network video recorder with high reliability operation and minimal setup time. Each server comes pre-loaded with exacqVision Professional VMS software and 4 IP licenses included.

LC-Series Una All-in-One Video Recorder

Connect up to 8 Cameras/Store up to 12 TB
The exacqVision LC-Series Una all-in-one video recorder with integrated PoE+ camera power ports. Each recorder comes with exacqVision Start VMS software and up to 16 exacqVision Start IP camera licenses.

LC-Series Hybrid/IP Appliances

Connect up to 32 Cameras/Store up to 4 TB
The exacqVision LC-Series appliance is a versatile, cost-effective video surveillance solution. Each appliance includes exacqVision Start VMS software pre-loaded and 4 exacqVision Start IP camera licenses.

M-Series All-in-One Video Recorder

Connect 4 or 8 IP Cameras/Store up to 2 TB
The exacqVision M-Series network video recorders feature up to 8 PoE camera ports and FREE exacqVision Start licenses. The M-Series NVRs are easy to quote, install & service at a very cost-effective price.

exacqVision Kantech-Onboard

exacqVision Kantech-Onboard Integration
exacqVision A-Series and Z-Series Windows network video recorders (NVR) come pre-loaded and pre-licensed with Kantech EntraPass Corporate access control system at no additional cost.

Edge Video

Illustra Edge provides a high definition video security system as easy as 1-2-3 by combining Illustra IP cameras, exacqVision VMS software and SD video storage into one, out-of-the-box ready video surveillance solution.

Storage Devices

The exacqVision S-Series network storage servers greatly expand the storage capacity of your exacqVision NVR's.

Encoders & IP Cameras

Exacq offers video encoders to easily integrate existing analog cameras with an exacqVision IP security system. The Illustra line of IP cameras combined with exacqVision recorders provide the easiest high definition video solution.

E-Series Encoders

The exacqVision E-Series single and 4-channel, cost-effective encoders allow users to convert analog cameras to IP to utilize exacqVision IP camera servers. These E-Series encoders feature EasyConnect so the encoder is automatically detected and configured into the exacqVision system.

IP Cameras

Illustra offers a complete line of IP cameras including Pro Series domes, fisheye, PTZ, Flex Series and box/bullets. These cameras combined with exacqVision provide the easiest, high quality, high definition video surveillance solution.

Video Surveillance Accessories

Exacq offers several accessories to go along with the exacqVision servers and VMS software including video encoders, a surveillance keyboard and I/O module.

Surveillance Keyboard

The exacqVision Surveillance Keyboard is an ideal add-on to any exacqVision system. The surveillance keyboard comes pre-configured with custom firmware for exacqVision VMS to ensure quick, easy installation with buttons mapped to the most common exacqVision functions.

USB I/O Module

The exacqVision USB I/O module allows exacqVision users to add configurable trigger inputs, outputs and serial connections to expand their surveillance system. Connect up to 8 exacqVision I/O modules per server for a maximum of 64 additional inputs and 40 outputs.

Cloud Services

exacqCloud provides security dealers with a cloud-based, cost-effective platform to easily manage and monitor exacqVision video recorders and critical video security components for faster response to service health events.

Product Catalog

The complete listing of all exacqVision product models and part numbers.