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exacqVision EM-Series

Enterprise Video Management, Simplified

Enterprise Video Management for Up to 2,000 Servers

The exacqVision EM-Series servers offer large-scale deployments a robust, performant platform to monitor and manage up to 2,000 exacqVision Enterprise recorders.

Uninterrupted operation with RAID protected enterprise-class front-loading hard disk drives and optional RAID protected operating system drives, the EM-Series servers provide a powerful solution that eliminates the complexity, risk, and time required to set up and maintain off-the-shelf enterprise video management servers.

exacqVision EM-Series

Enterprise Manager Software Provides Essential Health Information

EM-Series servers were designed specifically to run the Enterprise Manager software which is an integrated part of the exacqVision Enterprise edition VMS. Through an intuitive dashboard, the Enterprise Manager provides ready access to enhanced health monitoring, user management, administration of software updates and high-availability capabilities.

The powerful combination of EM-Series servers running Enterprise Manager simplifies management of exacqVision VMS software and provides customers with the features that are indispensable in distributed enterprise environments.

exacqVision EM Dashboard
exacqVision EM

Safeguard Against Cyber Attacks Across Devices

exacqVision EM-Series have been designed to be resilient against cyber-threats. This solution includes role based access control that allows administrators to restrict access to functions by user role. Safeguard controls include an enhanced security mode which forces the use of complex, non-default passwords and encrypted communications. EM-Series adheres to the rigorous standards of the Tyco Cyber Protection Product Security Program. The holistic approach to cyber protection is aimed at providing peace of mind to our customers. Our security mindset begins at initial design concept and is supported through deployment, including a rapid incident response to meet the comprehensive and evolving cybersecurity environments.

3-Year Warranty and Access to Software Updates

  • Benefit from new features and enhancements to enterprise management features with regular software updates
  • 3 years of system warranty
exacqVision EM-Series comes with a 3 year warranty