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Help section
Step 1:

Select the form factor that best meets your needs. If you are not sure your desired form factor, select if you need an indoor or outdoor camera.

Step 2:

Maximum resolution is the number of pixels displayed on the screen.

Lens length can control the distance and field of view.

Wide Dynamic Range is the function of a camera to produce clearer images in contrasting lighting conditions where both very bright and very dark areas simultaneously exist.

Auto Focus delivers clear video automatically.

Day/Night is the functionality to be used in poor lighting.

Analytics are on-board camera, some examples include track line cross detection, motion detection, autotracking, and more.

One-Way Audio support enables users to transmit audio, one way, into the exacqVision server.

Two-Way Audio support enables users to receive and transmit audio through an IP camera.

I/O Triggers are alarm input and output triggers that can be configured to trigger for specific functions.

Edge VMS Ready means the camera has the ability to have exacqVision Edge installed. exacqVision Edge is a complete video management system (VMS) software solution that runs directly on the IP camera and stores video to an SD card in the camera.

Step 3:

A list of compatible Network Video Recorders (NVR) is populated based on cameras you select. Underneath that is the overview section that shows what cameras you have selected before you go to the exacqVision configuration calculator.

Step 4:

The selected camera(s) can be loaded into the exacqVision configuration calculator to see compatible exacqVision video recorders for the specification.

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