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Enterprise System Manager

Browser-Based Health Monitoring System

Maximize Uptime of exacqVision Enterprise Recorders

  • Intuitive dashboard for constant server health monitoring
  • Receive e-mails for immediate notification of system errors and warnings

Assess Health Instantly From Anywhere

  • Visually confirm the health of all exacqVision recorders on the intuitive dashboard
  • Access the ESM interface from a PC browser, tablet or smartphone

Increases Reliability with Automatic Failover

  • Continually monitors all recorders to immediately detect a failure
  • Ensures video continues to record and users can utilize live view functions during downtime
  • Automatically transfers failed recorder duties back to the primary recorder when available
  • Manually failover recorders at any time for system maintenance
exacqVision Enterprise System Manager to monitor IP camera and network video recorder health
exacqVision Enterprise System Manager automatic failover

Create Highly Flexible E-mail Notifications

  • Configure more than 25 selectable errors and warnings including VMS recorder offline, storage warnings, drive failure, temperature alarm, camera disconnected and more
  • Receive real-time emails to be sent to individual users or groups of users
  • Configure advanced rules that trigger only when event duration criteria are met
  • Automatic notification of critical problems

Reduce Software Configuration and Maintenance Time

  • Schedule automatic software updates during non-peak hours
  • Automatically synchronize user permissions across all exacqVision recorders
  • Integrated backup and restore of exacqVision recorder configurations
  • Plan software updates to hundreds or thousands of servers within minutes

Monitor Camera Health

  • Confirm cameras are running correctly
  • Receive notification when a camera is disconnected
  • Ensure cameras are positioned properly
ESM Constantly Monitors
ESM Can Be Viewed from Any Device
ESM Failover Protects Your Investment
Send E-Mail Notifications
Schedule Software Updates
Monitors Camera Health

ESM Constantly Monitors

ESM assesses the health and status of exacqVision recorders.

ESM Can Be Viewed from Any Device

Users can access the ESM interface through a web browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are supported.

ESM Failover Protects Your Investment

ESM will failover offline recorder and automatically transfer duties to a spare recorder for continued live view and recording.

Send E-Mail Notifications

ESM will send users an email warning for more than 25 selectable errors such as recorder offline, storage warning, drive failure, temperature, camera disconnected and more.

Schedule Software Updates

ESM allows users to schedule all of your servers to receive the latest exacqVision software update during off hours.

Monitors Camera Health

ESM monitors and indicates when a camera is disconnected.

ESM Server Hardware Requirements

Capacity, Features & Licensing
Required ESM Licensing One EVESM
Required Recorder Licensing exacqVision Enterprise with current SSA
exacqVision Edge+ with current SSA
Recorder Hardware Monitoring exacqVision recorders
Recorder Software Monitoring exacqVision & third-party recorders
Camera Monitoring exacqVision & third-party recorders
Maximum Monitored Recorders 1,500
Maximum Concurrent Clients 50

Hardware Requirements - Minimum

Typically monitors less than 50 servers with up to 5 simultaneous client connections
Processor Intel® i3-4100 or better
RAM 8 GB Minimum
Storage 100 GB SSD
Network 25Kbps per video server, plus 512Kbps per simultaneous client connection
Operating Systems Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2008 r2, 2012, 2016, Ubuntu 12.04 (32/64 bit), 14.04 (32/64 bit), 16.04 (64 bit), 18.04 (64 bit)

Hardware Requirements - Recommended

Typically monitors 500 or more servers with 25 simultaneous client connections
Processor Intel® E3-1275 Xeon or better
RAM 16 GB (32 GB recommended for > 1,000 recorders)
Hard Drive 250 GB SSD
Network 50Kbps average / 1Mbps peak per video recorder
Operating Systems Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2008 r2, 2012, 2016, Ubuntu 16.04 (64 bit), 18.04 (64 bit)
E-mail Host SMTP e-mail server

Database Requirements

Included PostGre
Optional Microsoft SQL v 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 or PostGres v.9+ (customer provided and installed)

Client-side PC Requirements

Processor Intel® Atom Z3470 or better
RAM 1 GB Minimum
Network 256Kbps minimum, 2Mbps recommended for live video streaming
Browser Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, IE, Edge

Mobile Client Requirements

Compatibility iOS or Android phones and tablets with Chrome 31 or Safari 7 or better
Network 128 Kbps minimum, 1 Mbps recommended with live video
Browser Microsoft® IE for Mobile, Google Chrome, Safari