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Illustra PTZ Cameras

Complete HD Video Solution with Illustra Cameras and exacqVision Recorders

  • EasyConnect for fast camera discovery and addressing in exacqVision Software
  • Easily configure cameras and recorder in a single exacqVision application
  • Multi-streaming to optimize balance video quality, storage, and networking requirements
  • Compatible with all exacqVision recorders and software
360 degree situational awareness with a single camera
Excellent image quality in your most demanding conditions

625 PTZ Camera

  • Exceptionally responsive with low latency video transmission and fast 500 degree/second rotational capability
  • Amazing 1080p image quality even in the most demanding environments low light environments
  • Automatic continuous auto-focus for clear video even when in movement
  • Low bandwidth saves storage costs and reduces network traffic without compromising image quality
  • Available in outdoor and indoor housings