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Complete Network Video Recorder Solution

Complete Network Video Recording Solution

Enjoy rich video management system features with hardware and vms software optimized for high reliability operation and minimal setup time. Minimize installation time and risk with a complete VMS solution.

Up to 40 Cameras Per Video Server

  • Continuously record up to 200Mbps of video, audio and data
  • Available with 8 or 16 analog inputs
  • Includes 4 IP camera licenses, expandable to 24 per video server
  • Use theĀ configuration calculatorĀ to find the perfect exacqVision server for your application
exacqVision ELP-Series IP network video recorder

High Reliability

  • Store up to 12 TB storage per server using continuous duty, enterprise-class hard drives
  • Linux operating system pre-installed on a solid state drive
  • Monitor hardware status with the free exacqVision client or e-mail notification

Unlimited Scalability

  • Add unlimited servers for greater capacity or dispersed geographic location
  • Easily expand license to record additional high definition IP cameras
  • Easily manage multiple NVRs from a single, unified client
  • Streamline the administration of many servers by upgrading to exacqVision Enterprise VMS
exacqVision pre-loaded vms software allows for easy search

Powerful exacqVision Professional Video Management System (VMS) Software

  • View video from SH-ipcams
  • Conduct investigations on recorded video, audio and data with the exacqVision Professional thumbnail and SpeedSearch tools
  • Easily add camera licenses and change out cameras at any time

View Video From Anywhere

  • Immediately view video by connecting up to two PC monitors
  • View video and manage servers on multiple Windows/Linux/MAC PCs with free client software
  • View live and recorded video on any browser
  • View live and recorded video on iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8 mobile devices with free application
free Exacq mobile app to view all security cameras and video recorders
exacqVision 3 year warranty badge

3-Year Warranty and VMS Software SSA

  • Constantly increase VMS features with regular software updates
  • 3 years of unlimited software updates included
  • 3 years of system warranty
  • Add optional annual on-site video recorder repair service to diagnose and resolve issues faster within the continental United States
Any storage expansion may require additional hardware
Maximum Spare Drives
2 TB 0 1
4 TB 0 1
6 TB 0 1
8 TB 0
12 TB 0
2 TB Hot Spare Drive (Part # 5000-02001)
4 TB Hot Spare Drive (Part # 5000-04001)
6 TB Hot Spare Drive (Part # 5000-06001)