Product: Intelli-M Test Performed on 2012-06-12 13:41:14 UTC
Tested By Exacq
Access Control Version3.0.1.0
exacqVision Server Version4.9
Plugin Version2.3.6.15592
OS SupportWindows/Linux
Integration Support ContactPlease contact Infinias for support issues.
Plugin LinkRefer to manufacturers web site.
Integration GuideRefer to manufacturers web site.
Enterprise License RequiredNot Required
Video PlaybackUnsupported ()
Video ExportUnsupported ()
Input TriggersUnsupported ()
Soft TriggersPassed
Camera ViewsUnsupported ()
PTZ ControlUnsupported ()
NotesThis integration is solely soft trigger event driven. All events are triggered by Intelli-M and carried out by the exacqVision server. This integration is based off of evAPI.