exacqVision Windows 10 Promotion

Get ready for Microsoft Windows 7 End-of-Life

As of January 2020, Microsoft will no longer release bug fixes or critical security updates required to keep Windows 7 systems protected from current and future threats.

exacqVision VMS solutions will continue to be backwards compatible with Windows 7, however support will diminish. Networking, disk management, and user security are all key areas where exacqVision VMS will leverage the latest Windows 10 improvements.

Windows 10 Promo EOL
Windows 10 Promo Upgrade

Upgrade to a New Windows 10 Server at a Significant Discount

Trade-in exacqVision NVRs operating on Windows 7 for a promotional credit towards a new Windows 10 model now through December 31, 20191. As an added benefit for upgrading, all transferred licenses receive a 3-year SSA2.

Customers trading in an NVR running on Windows 7 can receive a trade-in credit to be used towards the purchase of any new model. Additionally, there is no software charge for purchases made towards an NVR of equivalent or higher value.

Benefits of upgrading to Windows 10

  • Improved performance - faster boot, shorter time-to- login, overall better system operation
  • Support for critical security updates
  • Ongoing bug fixes
  • Enhanced desktop UX for technicians and/or administrators
  • Some exacqVision servers can simply be upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
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Disadvantages of staying on Windows 7

  • No critical security updates or bug fixes that keep a Windows 7 system protected from current and future threats will be released
  • Customers operating on Windows 7 will contend with crucial operating system components no longer working as expected
  • Third-party component suppliers such as network card suppliers, will continue to pull support for Windows 7
Windows 10 Promo Cyberattack

1 Valid in US and Canada only.

2 exacqVision Z-Series NVRs only come with a 5-year SSA.