Exacq Technologies provides integration tools that enable dealers and development partners to rapidly integrate external devices and third party solutions with exacqVision Video Management System (VMS) systems. Video can be integrated with access control systems, retail Point of Sale (POS) systems and more. Exacq provides tools for developing custom integrated solutions and drivers for off the shelf third party products. Multiple options are available with exacqVision open architecture VMS solutions depending on your integration needs.
exacqVision CLI - Command Line Interface
Many 3rd party systems desire the ability to easily integrate live or recorded video from an exacqVision System. For example, an access control system may want to display a live video window from a camera pointed at a doorway when the door sensor indicates the door opened. The exacqVision Client software supports these requirements by being highly configurable from a command line interface (CLI). The exacqVision CLI offers many integration options by passing an XML file into the exacqVision Client from a command line. More in this blog post.
note: exacqVision Reseller password required
exacqVision CLI documentation is available as part of the exacqVision Client installer
exacqVision CLI usage sample
06.29.2007 - requires reseller password
exacqVision SDK - Software Developers Kit for exacqVision Client
The exacqVision Client SDK enables seamless integration with 3rd party security solutions. An Application Program Interface (API), sample source code and documentation provide development partners the tools they need to quickly develop integrated solutions. With the exacqVision Client SDK developers can tightly integrate video into third party products to view live and recorded video within their custom integrated application. Integration of previously discrete systems into one solution allows for efficiencies and improved functionality. Development partners will now be able to offer their customers a more comprehensive security solution.
note: exacqVision Developer password required
exacqVision Client SDK (evAPI)
10/22/2021 - Version
exacqVision Web Services Integration
The exacqVision web service provides a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) for developing browser based applications for accessing video from the service. The exacqVision web service is included with the exacqVision server that provides video access to other web client applications. Clients make CGI requests to receive the video. Exacq developed two web clients, Advanced and Simple, to access video from a PC browser and mobile device. A web client transmits a request to the exacqVision web service, which processes the request and returns video to the client. The exacqVision web service does not have built in user interface, and it is generally up to the client to process input and display output.
note: exacqVision Developer password required
exacqVision Web Service SDK (evWebAPI)
12/3/2021 - Version
OEM Solutions - eDVR Video Compression Boards & SDK
The eDVR Video Compression board is a multipurpose PCI plug in board designed to be a complete security system on a board. It has all of the features required by a CCTV digital video recording, display, and control system. The eDVR Software Developers Kit provides an API, sample source code and documentation for developing a complete digital video application using the eDVR Video Compression board.
note: OEM password required
Exacq eDVR Software Setup
03.01.2012 - Version
Exacq eDVR Linux Software Setup
(stdc++5 / gcc 3.3)
Exacq eDVR Linux Software Setup
(stdc++6 / gcc 3.4 and above) 03.01.2012 - Version
Exacq eDVR Software Development Kit Document
10.16.2008 - Version

Complete programming documentation for the eDVR Software Development Kit